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We have just launched our Raymakers Fusion Velvet Trends 2017-2018.
Interior styles more and more fuse with each other. Also, different styles are being mixed in one interior. Therefore “Fusion” has been chosen by our design team as the theme for this trend information pack.
Four moods are fused together by a central theme. The interior trends for the coming years are translated into a stunning velvet presentation. This can be seen at our stand in A la Cernobbio, stand number 39.

At Proposte 2017 we are introducing following new velvets;

1. A new super luxury and very heavy cotton velvet with the softest of the softest finish, suitable for both curtains and upholstery, also available in a luxury FR finish. Available in a new range of 52 colours.

2. Wool/Tencel dual purpose velvet, 40 colours, suitable for both upholstery and curtains. The pile yarn is a blend of 52% Wool and 48% Tencel. The use of wool in interior decorating is rising and by using the Tencel fibres in the pile yarn, we have created a soft wool velvet with a sophisticated shine.

3. Velvets for upholstery currently are hot. Next will be the revival of velvets for curtains. This coming trend, we are supporting by introducing a “Sparkle” cotton velvet and a “Velours d’Utrecht”. The Sparkle is a glitter and glitzy velvet, showing the sparkles in a very delicate and luxurious way. Especially for curtain use we have managed to create a vertical effect that enhances the Sparkle. The “Velours d’Utrecht” has its successful roots in the rich history of velvets for curtains and is now re-launched in a contemporary way. We have used the new soft velvet finish to give it a luxury touch.

4. Polyester FR dual purpose velvet in a new range of 52 colours, suitable for both upholstery and curtains. For this velvet we have used a filament polyester FR yarn, which gives this FR velvet a matt, almost cotton-like look. It completes our range of polyester FR velvets, which also includes a quality with a spun pile yarn that gives more shine. This quality now also is available with a crushed finish

5. Our plain velvets can be decorated by using different design techniques, like embossing, brushing and jacquard weaving. At this Proposte we are introducing an exclusive development in embossed velvets. We have pioneered a new production line to make this authentic velvet technique of embossing designs far more luxurious then before.

6. As part of our Green Raymakers policy, we aim to create sustainable products every year. This year at Proposte we are launching a curtain velvet, made from BCI cotton. BCI stands for Better Cotton Initiative, which is certified by memberships of cotton farmers, spinners and mills using this yarn. The key points of BCI cotton are; minimising pesticides, minimising water usage for irrigation, to care for a healthy agriculture, to optimise the cotton quality, good working conditions in both farming and manufacturing and to sustain the natural environments.

For more information;
J.A. Raymakers & Co BV
Royal Dutch Textile Mills
P.O. Box 8, 5707 LC Helmond, The Netherlands
Tel +31492536855









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