Few companies can boast of as proud a history as Royal Dutch Textile Mills J.A. Raymakers & Co BV.
Raymakers forms part of the Dutch textile heritage; her experience in the production of textiles goes
back to 1773. Ever since, a wealth of experience was gained in spinning, weaving and
finishing many different types of textiles.

The title “ Royal” in our name is an award which was granted by H.M. the Queen of the Netherlands
in 1951. This award is granted very rarely to unique and established companies of known repute,
making special and high quality products.

In the last decades our company has mainly focused on the development, production and marketing
of pile fabrics (velvet). We produce plain as well as patterned velvets in many different qualities.
Our high standard of weaving and particularly our beautiful finish are famous all over the world.
As a result Raymakers has gained worldwide respect being the leading and most innovative
manufacturer of drapery and upholstery velvet. 

Our products are distributed via textile wholesalers, converters, project specialists and the industry,
in many different countries all over the world. 


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