All products, from yarns to dyed and finished fabrics, are made in our own factories in Holland.
The production of velvets is a complicated process, which we explain in brief below;

Velvet is being woven in two layers where the pile yarn links the two. Separation is done by a
razor-keen knife on the velvet looms.

Dyeing & Finishing
We are piece-dyeing our velvets in low minimum quanities.
Finishing possibilities are various, i.e. crease-resistant, Teflon, flame-retardant and many other
special inhouse techniques. All to achieve the rich and lush appearance of Raymakers velvets.

Quality Control
A thorough quality control at every production stage ensures a consistent product. Over the years we have developed a quality management system that is tailored to velvets and velvet production. This, combined
with our skilled people -many with long services- enables us to reproduce quality, colour and finish
exactly to the standard, even many years after the initial introduction.

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