Our sales managers constantly travel the world to support our customers. An international helpdesk in the sales office is specialized in the day-to-day velvet business and can advise you about shipping, storing and handling of our delicate velvets.

A friendly and customer focused service ensures a smooth operation from order to delivery of our velvets. A large stock of grey cloth can be processed quickly in any custom-made colour or design at low minimums. Moreover, an extensive stock of over 500 colours, in different qualities can be offered in just 1 piece minimums, enabling our customers to carry a complete velvet offer at limited inventory levels.

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Raymakers laboratorium velvet colours


The flame retardant velvets are tested and controlled by one of the independent and certified fire test laboratories in Europe.

Raymakers follows the actual European standards EN 1101 and 1102 for curtains, drapery and EN 1021 part 1 & 2 for upholstery.

Copies of these certificates are available at no charge on request in combination with orders of our fabrics.

Other requirements our lab tests are lightfastness, tear rupture and tear resistance, wrinkle resistance, frictional fastness, pole strength and wear resistance.

If you are interested in certificates, based on other deviated standards, please consult our sales department. They can inform you about delivery times and eventual costs of the  certificates.

All certificates can be downloaded in our customer portal.

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All our velvets are made in our own factories in Holland. The whole production process, from yarn preparation to weaving, dying and finishing is done by our own specialists. The production of velvet is a complicated process, which we explain here briefly.

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We produce over 50 velvet qualities, in natural or man-made yarns. We have an extensive database of all our velvet qualities and a database with over 3.000 colours. Moreover, we can easily produce your own, exclusive colour or design at low minimum quantities. See here a few of our qualities which can be ordered by the piece.

Green Raymakers - environmental sustainability


At Raymakers we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our production and work processes on a continuous basis. We make investments in new technology for eco-friendly production, to reduce and prevent pollution, while ensuring good health and safety at work. We have also pioneered in the development of organic velvets.