As a specialist in velvet production, we are continuously exploring the market for trends. Every year our designers and trend watchers make a new trend mailing, with fabrics, trends and colors that will be popular in the coming years.

VELVET TRENDS 2022 - 2023

Toned Down
This theme is the ''blank page'', a new start, a search for meaning. Full of peaceful synergies and reciprocity. Responsible interiors with fluid lines. Minimal elegance but still sumptuous and comfortable. Peaceful, balanced and spacious. Long term transformation for a better tomorrow. Organic architecture, voluminous shapes, sculptural gardens, friluftsliv expressed by soft shimmering materials like velvets.

Also within this theme, we aim for a balance between recognition and surprise. Listen to nature, recycle and enjoy an organic affair with Green Raymakers. Structured velvets like linen and cords enhance this theme. For the shades we see many comfortable white tomes revived with hints of other colors. Also quiet shade greys and responsible soft greens in misty tones. Acid yellow is the accent color in this theme.

Making Sense
This theme is about finding a balance of recognizing the past and surprise about the post-pandemic effects. It is about uniting the past and the present. We are craving for the beautiful outside world, whilst recognizing that more conscious choices have to be made. Coming from a period full of rest, we are now creating imbalances by restlessly catching up our social contacts. In all the hectic we want to make well-considered choices for our interiors.

Live in harmony, inspired by art and history, japandi and spiritual. Use velvets that are functional to your new living and working space. For the colors in this theme we see beautiful purple and blue tones with a spell of violet for magic power. New dark colors like aska and yakisugi. Use accents of turquoise, like ice floes in the sea.

Earth Elements
Nature never felt so close. It is the recognition of our growing urge to move into nature. Optimistic, warm, authentic and responsive. Bewildering colors from nature in soft, voluminous fabrics made from natural and/or recycled yarns. Surprise and inspire yourself by desert x and the concise package of Rashed al Shashai. Or by the wall of Zarah Alghamdi made of earth, clay , rocks, leather and water, resulting in the most delicate color nuances.

Be inspired, stay inspired by the comforting luxury of this interior style, Use high-piled velvets in deep and warm colors like tuscany reds, burned oranges, honey yellows. Blush them off with moonstonegreys and browns. We also love an accent of intense pink that feels like a sunny filter over these warm colors.

VELVET TRENDS 2019 - 2020

Colourful Excitement
Freely express yourself within this dynamic interior style. It’s a blend of cultures, colours and art from all over the world. The ultimate global mix of modernity and traditions. Get inspiration during your travels and return with colours from African skies and burnt clay. Combine them with caipirinha limes, Picasso’s peacock, emeralds from Indonesia and lilac from East Asia. And do not forget the classic Dutch orange. Use our velvets like the super soft cotton/modal, (615.130/S45) the most sumptuous cotton velvet (616.296/Z45) or the polyester FR dual purpose velvet. (614.013/G40)

Natural Harvest
Immerse yourself in this style of warmth and luxury. Enjoy deeply rooted authenticity and artisanal elements. No more copy cats! Handmade is High-end, especially when designers use traditional techniques and products like velvets. An evening sun colour pallet with sunburnt yellow, comfy bronze and gold, warm terra. Combine with a melange of forest green, crème de cassis and jade. Use velvets like our linen, (617.050/G65) our rich cotton dual purpose (616.045/Z45) and make a quirky combination with our new wool flat weave. (111.101/O00)

World Matters
A balanced earth is the ultimate luxury. Learn and practice how to live in harmony with others and with mother nature. Take responsibility and create a new Zen by fusing technology and nature. Use fresh and calm early morning colours like serene white, green and pink, greyish silver and desert sand. Delicate lilacs and the colours of warm dark roses ensure completion. Use velvets like our cotton/modal for curtains, (605.303/Z01) our dual purpose wool (611.210/G00 pile weave or 111.101/O00 flat weave) or the most sumptuous Trevira CS velvet. (614.016/G40)

Memphis Feelings
A style of optimism, humor and a bit of surrealism. Feel great all the time! Pop-art and art-nouveau are inspirations. Also architecture from the 80-ies like the Gotha pool. Bubbles, folded and poppy structures for furniture or walls. Feel the joy of using fresh and intense but sensitive colours that almost reflect the light. Ice-cream colours like pink, amber, Bob Dylan green, pistachio, mint, lilac and blue. Combine with hints of silver grey, David Bowie yellow and soft orange. Use velvets like our shiny modal, (605.113/W07) cotton curtain (606.293/Z00) and mix them with our Trevira CS flat weave. (214.025/O00)



For this edition, our design team dedicated the trend pack to “fusion”. Interior styles more and more fuse with each other and different styles are being mixed in one interior.

Coral Fusion is the most cosy and sensorial style, with warm caramel shades, whiskey-, cognac- and burgundy tones, combined with purple.
Serene Fusion consist of energizing and stimulating colours of warm greens, sandalwood grey tones, combined with sunny metallization's.
Elevated Fusion is combination of dark colours with iconic black tones and a shiny jewel colour to create eye catching interiors.
Tranquile Fushion can be translated into a relaxed, bohemian style with mysterious faded blues, minty whites and powdery golds.

The trend Generous world is about generosity and being able and willing to give and to share, with cosy brown colours, combined with bright red.
Celebration world is about luxury and maturalism, with dark shades of black, brown, bordeaux and blue.
Steel blue, petrol patinas, hammered blues and dark grey are colours in the Craftman's world trend, which is about the beauty and originality of products.
Sustainability is high on the agenda and we live in an Eco world. In this trend you can find colours of whites, beiges and blue/grey glacier tones, combined with a statement ocher colour.

Raymakers trends velvet 2010 2011



The trend New classics, chicest of chic, contains dark, rich colours and only the best of velvet qualities in colours of jade greens, blues and purple.
The style Home basics, home chic home is about transforming your interior into a warm, cosy and chic interior with honey-yellow, ochre en green colours.
Red, purple and pink are the colours of the trend Modern living, power chic. A trend where velvet is used in modern interior for a trendy touch.
Natural elegance, delicate chic, is a trend of a subtle blend of golden shades and patterned velvets. All to get a dreaming, poetic interior.

Raymakers trends velvet 2009 2010

The trend New classics, vivere optimus, is a colour scheme with dark colours, combined with shiny earth colours and one colour accent for a personal touch.
The style Home basics, green chic is about nature and a warm, cosy interior, with many shades of green, combined with accents of purple and red.
Neon colours are the colours of the trend Modern living, second life. Blue, green, orange, red and purple, all combined to create a mind blowing, colourfull interior.
Natural elegance, my dear, is a trend of nostalgic romance and a soft colour palette with pink purple, bone white and a full palette of nude shades.

Raymakers trends velvet 2008 2009



In Modern living, urban night, are velvets used in artificial styles, with bright neon colours like green, combined with dark, rich colours like brown, blue or purple.
New classics, greetings from russia, is about rich, warm and shiny colours, to achieve a glorious style. Colours as brown, dark green and dark purple are used in this trend.
Home basics, passion for red, is devoted to red, the roots of velvet. Warm colours as red and violet, combined with a touch of gold.
Honesty and purity are the inspiration for Natural elegance, honesty. Colours like ice crystals, marble, pearls and weathered wood are used in these interiors.

Raymakers trends velvet 2007 2008

The trend Home basics, souvenirs, is about bringing a diversity of colours into one interrio, with colours like orange, red, petrol, green and brown.
New classics, hotel, is inspired by colours of metal, like dark grey, purple, blue, green and brown and represent the atmosphere of a modern lobby.
Lighten up your life is the trend of Bright living, cocktail. Bold, neon colours like pink, red,  blue, yellow and green, all combined togehter.
The elegance of the trend Natural elegance, ice crystals, is about shiny perfection, with tones of vanilla, pearly whites, pinks, diamond blue, frost and whiskey.

Raymakers trends velvet 2006 2007