Tailored collection

Raymakers' policy is to establish partnerships with our customers and to create tailor made and exclusive collections together. Whether for the contract or for the domestic market, whether for drapery or upholstery use, an extensive range of velvet qualities is available to choose from or new qualities can be developed.

Our many in-house dyeing and finishing techniques can be used to develop exclusive ranges tailored to the customer’s marketing profile. Our designers and salespeople are happy to assist in building your own collections

One of our strengths lies in the fact that we are able to reproduce accurately any plain colour in any quality of our velvets. Also many years after the initial introduction. Tailored collections can be sourced from our colour database with over 3.000 colours. Exclusive colours can be developed in our laboratory.

We also have an extensive design database, which can be applied on various velvet qualities. Moreover, we can easily produce your own, exclusive design at low minimum quantities.

Raymakers collection velvet
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All our velvets are made in our own factories in Holland. The whole production process, from yarn preperation to weaving, dying and finishing is done by our own specialists. The production of velvet is a complicated process, which we explain here briefly.

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We produce over 50 velvet qualities, in natural or man-made yarns. We have an extensive database of all our velvet qualities and a database with over 3.000 colours. Moreover, we can easily produce your own, exclusive colour or design at low minimum quantities. See here a few of our qualities which can be ordered by the piece.

Green Raymakers - environmental sustainability


At Raymakers we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our production and work processes on a continuous basis. We make investments in new technology for eco-friendly production, to reduce and prevent pollution, while ensuring good health and safety at work. We have also pioneered in the development of organic velvets.