Production process

All our velvets are made in our own factories in Holland. The whole production process, from yarn preparation to weaving, dyeing and finishing is done by our own specialists. The production of velvet is a complicated process, which we explain here briefly.


Raymakers weaving mill

Yarn stock and preparation

All the yarns are carefully controlled and stored. Before weaving, the yarns are made stronger with a special substance.

Raymakers velvet mill


Finishing possibilities are various, i.e. crease-resistant, Teflon, flameretardant and many other special inhouse techniques.

Raymakers weaving machine


Velvet is being woven in two layers where the pile yarn links the two sides. Separation is done by a razor-sharp knife on the velvet looms.

Raymakers weaving quality velvet

Quality Control

We have a quality management system that is tailored to velvet production. This, combined with our skilled people, enables us to produce high quality velvets.

Raymakers dyeing machine velvet


In the dyeing department, the grey cloth is washed with pigments. We are piece-dyeing our velvets in low minimum quantities.

Ramakers velvet warehouse


Because velvet is a really delicate product, it is stored in special boxes. The velvets of Raymakers are shipped to clients worldwide.

Velvet manufacturing movie

"Making Stuff" is an animation series from Canada, where they travel the world to factories to see how incredible things are made. From the everyday to highly technical objects. The funny robot duo make the journey engaging and memorable.

They also visited the factory of Raymakers to make a beautiful movie about velvet manufacturing.