611.220 140 G40

Heavy dual Wool/Tencel velvet

Heavy wool and Tencel upholstery velvet with Mohair wool look and feel. Upright pile. Available in 45 colors. Made in The Netherlands.

Width 140 cm
Weight ca. 620 g/m - ca. 445 g/m2
Overall composition 42% CO/30% WV/28% Tencel
Pile composition 52% WV/48% Tencel
Piece length 30 m
Order quantities 45 colours by 1 piece (ca. 30 m)/ custom colours by full dye batch of 2 pieces (ca. 60 m)
Finish G40 = upright pile
FR certificate Optional
Use Curtain, Decoration, and Upholstery
Abrasion resistance EN ISO 12947-2 45.000 rubs Martindale
Acoustic properties ISO 354: 2003 / αw=0,80

Cleaning advice

Niet Wassen
2110225 Met Nummer
Wool Tencel upholstery velvet

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